Monday, March 25, 2013

"FITlosophy 1" by SharnyandJulius

TITLE: "FITlosophy 1"
AUTHOR: SharnyandJulius
DIETY?: no
IE?: somewhat
MY RATING: 4****

SharnyandJulius™ are an Australian husband and wife team who teach fitness & nutrition. They describe this book as a “collection of parables for athletes”. But really, they also say that an “athlete” is anyone “who is doing something physical with a goal in mind” (p.107).
This book talks about guilt, food addiction, intensity, play, mobility, excuses, failure, athleticism and laziness. The chapters are short — only a few pages each — but they pack a punch. I think my favorite chapter was “You, Athlete“. It talked about “default plays”, and about how you can change those.
The only thing I did not like about this book was the chapter where Julius wrote about his food addiction, as he started off with a story about a friend of Sharny’s that had come to visit, and he went into far too much detail about his bodily functions. He also swore a lot in that chapter, and I thought that was unnecessary. This is the only chapter in the whole book that was like that.
Overall, though, I really liked this book, as it takes aim at so many of our excuses. And, it’s readily readable. Recommended.

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