Wednesday, March 19, 2008

REVIEW: "The Weigh Down Diet" by Gwen Shamblin

Title: "The Weigh Down Diet"
Author: Gwen Shamblin
Pages: 317
Diety?: no
Promotes IE?: yes
My Rating: 2** (see reason below)

A way to lose weight while eating whatever you want, and not relying on exercise!
Gwen claims that by doing the following, you can and will lose weight:

- eat only when you're truly hungry (when your stomach growls)
- eat smaller portions
- rate each item on your plate
- dissect your meals --> eat the best food first
- sip a drink every couple of bites
- eat slowly
- stop eating when comfortably full (not stuffed)
- *Turn to God* to keep from overindulgence
- develop an intimate relationship with Christ and keep your focus on Him
instead of food

This book definitely changed my thinking about dieting and weight loss. I learned that diets don't work, and that God designed our bodies to eat this way! I had great success following this program, and I loved the focus on getting closer to God, instead of being gluttonous and overindulging.

But, I learned --shortly after reading this book-- of some serious theological flaws in Gwen's writing and thinking (see this link), so I put the book aside, and will no longer recommend it. BUT, if you can read it with a spirit of discernment, praying all the while for God to show you what is true, and what isn't, then I don't think this book is *all* bad. It's mostly Gwen's later books that start to go downhill, from a theological standpoint.

A better book to read -- one that mirrors this program, but is more grace-filled -- is Thin Within (click for review).

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