Monday, March 4, 2013

Every Body Matters by Gary Thomas

TITLE: "Every Body Matters"
AUTHOR: Gary Thomas
DIETY?: somewhat
IE?: yes
MY RATING: 4****

Back in November, I was really excited to have found the book, “Lifestyle Choices…Up to You!” by Ginger Woods O’Shea, as I’d thought it was going to talk about the link between our spiritual lives and how we treat our physical bodies. And, while that book started off well, it ended up being a rant against the FDA and it was a huge disappointment to me.
This book, on the other hand, is exactly what I’d been looking for! Its byline reads, “Strengthening your body to strengthen your soul“. And inside, Gary talks about the need for discipline in our eating and exercise habits, and a focus on obedience to God instead of on our appearance.
I really liked that Gary kept mentioning the importance of waiting for true, physiological hunger before eating. I’m a big fan of that method myself! I also liked that he’s a runner, and so he talks about that a bit, too, and the endurance it takes.
Throughout the book, we’re reminded that, in order to be “holy, useful to [God], and prepared to do any good work” (2 Timothy 2:21), we need to be physically ready in addition to being spiritually ready. In other words, we can’t be lazy and indulgent. Instead, we are to be disciplined and strong. Gary uses the examples of the prophet Jeremiah, and of the apostle Paul, stating how these men must’ve been in great physical condition in order to have withstood the stuff that life threw at them!
The same goes for us. If we’re weak and lazy, we’ll be unprepared to meet the challenges of life, and we certainly won’t be able to fulfill our callings (not well, anyway). We won’t be living the abundant life that God has promised us.
Overall, this is a great book, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone seeking to have a greater purpose in their efforts to get healthier.

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