Wednesday, March 19, 2008

REVIEW: "Back On Track" by Carole Lewis

Title: "Back On Track: A 16-week Challenge to Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals"
Author: Carole Lewis
Pages: 143
Diety?: yes
Promotes IE?: no
My Rating: 3.5***

This book is part of Ms.Lewis' "First Place" program. It challenges you to do three things for the 16-weeks: Believe God, Trust God, and Obey God. Doing so, you draw near to Him, and He blesses you with the release of your excess weight.

A great book to motivate those in a 'slump'. Avoid the food-plan parts, though, as they're based off of a "diet" (the "First Place" program relies on the American Diabetic Association's "Food Exchange" lists).

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