Sunday, July 20, 2008

REVIEW: Half-Assed: A Weight Loss Memoir by Jennette Fulda

TITLE: "Half-Assed: A Weight Loss Memoir"
AUTHOR: Jennette Fulda
PAGES: 239
DIETY?: somewhat
IE?: somewhat
MY RATING: 4****

This was a great memoir about a woman who originally weighed about 372 pounds, but then got off her tush and lost half of her body weight! She lost over 200 pounds the "old-fashioned" way (as opposed to surgery) by eating sensibly and exercising.

My favorite part of the book was where she refused to say what "diet plan" she used, as she believes that everyone is different, and therefore no ONE plan is going to work for everybody. She says you need to find your own balance, and what works for YOU, personally.

The details she gives about what it felt like to go from being grossly overweight and basically "invisible" to a more "normal" size and getting attention from others was really interesting. And, when she talked of actually learning to love eating healthier and moving her body, it was really inspiring! Her transformation is very motivating!

The author's blog,, has some great "interactive" before and after photos! Check 'em out!


Rated: A-


PastaQueen said...

I'm glad you liked the book. Hope to see you on the blog. Thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

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